Grzegorz Adamczyk

A mysterious ferryman who assists the group in getting to the Sehen Lake Ruins.


Physical Description

Grzegorz wears an open, sleeveless leather tunic that barely covers his lanky torso, and a pair of trousers made of some water-resistant material, tied fast around the lower part of his shins as well as around his waist, and a pair of simple sandals. A coat of some kind is tied arund his waist by the sleeves. He wears dark goggles over his eyes, which, along with the paleness of his skin, makes his face seem like a dark-socketed skull. His hair is messy and unbrushed, with bits sticking out here and there, portions of differing length, obviously crudely cut by some simple blade. On his person, he carries a roll of wire, a hunting knife, a spear, and an assortment of small pouches.

During The Game

Grzegorz assists Desmond and Baha in getting across the Sehen Lake, and acts as their guide through the Ruins. Though several incidents in the tower caused him severe injury, he stayed true to the group, and, as Desmond and Baha discovered, remained loyal even when the Sahuagin Baron Vryher threatened both him and his two charges.

When Vryher banned Grzegorz and his charges from the Darkening Pool, Grzegorz bravely cut his way through the sahuagin town in order to allow Desmond and Baha to reach it. He was last seen casting a ritual to open the Darkening Pool for Desmond and a dying Baha to use, before the pair fell into the colossal underwater cavern under the Darkening Pool room, leaving Grzegorz shut in a dead-end room with the door locked shut and four sahuagin guards trying to break it down.

Grzegorz Adamczyk

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