Baha Obrad

Female Human Wizard that just wants to see the world


Current Stats
33 HP // 2855 XP // 3AP // 3HS // 118g
Level Stats; Lvl 2
33HP // 8HP – HS Value

Baha Kenelem Obrad // Human // War Wizard // Neutral Good
Known Languages; Common, Deep Speech, Elven

Ability Scores
10 STR (+0)
10 CON (+0)
12 DEX (+1)
18 INT (+4)
12 WIS (+1)
12 CHA (+1)

14 AC
15 REF

Acrobatics; 2
Arcana; 10
Athletics; 1
Bluff; 2
Diplomacy; 7
Dungeoneering; 2
Endurance; 1
Heal; 2
History; 10
Insight; 7
Intimidate; 2
Nature; 7
Perception; 2
Religion; 5
Stealth; 2
Streetwise; 2
Thievery; 2

Linguist – Elven
Weapon Proficiency – Shortbow
Toughness – +5HP

Weapons & Armor & Equipment
Shortbow 15/30 / +2 Prof / 1d8 + 4
Dagger / +3 Prof / 1d4
Magic Wand
Cloth Armor
Arcana Components (120gp)

Magic Missile – At Will – 4EPH
Scorching Burst – At Will – 4EPH
Thunderwave – At Will – 4EPH
Force Orb – Encounter – 4EPH
Acid Arrow – Daily – 4EPH
Flaming Sphere – Daily – 4EPH
Guardian Blades – Utility – Arcane Power
Feather Fall – Utility – 4EPH
Rainbows – Encounter – 4EPH

Animal Messenger
Comprehend Language


A quiet little thing, Baha is perfectly content with sitting in a corner listening to other people speak, unless something is said that she disagrees with or feels she should comment on. She’s slowly trying to break this habit though. Also despite her timidness, Baha often has a little motherly streak – due to looking after her younger brothers and their friends whenever they brought them home, as the elder brothers weren’t as concerned and the parents were probably out – which can sometimes cause sudden moments of bravery. Being the only girl in the family aside from her mother, Baha was often doted upon and protected by her parents and elder brothers. Since she had a lot done for her in life she hasn’t got a lot of confidence when it comes to doing things herself and often worries that she may be doing things wrong, but at the same time as she got older she grew a dislike to being fussed about. Actually she just worries a lot about everything in general, to be honest. If she’s poked and teased enough she will get very, very angry and will become slightly obsessed with trying to prove herself to those teasing her. Her ability to focus comes in handy when she studies and reads but in a do or die situation she will panic. This may change as time goes on and she becomes more active in such things.

Female // 22 Years Old // 5’7 // 145lbs // Ivory skin // Hazel Eyes

Hair; Roughly medium length, straight black hair which is tied into a messy low bun. Her fringe is straight, ending juts above her eyes and covering her eyebrows. Longer sections of hair at each side are tied together in a little knot that sits on her chest.

Outfit; Off white shirt with a white vest underneath, with a medium green vest on top of the shirt. The shirt isn’t tucked in to her trousers. The green vest is quite long and ends just above her knees at the front and just below them at the back. Her hands are covered by a pair of simple brown leather gloves. Around her waist is a barely seen brown leather belt with a simple silver buckle. The trousers are the same green colour as the vest and the bottoms of them are tucked into brown, knee high leather boots. The boots don’t have heels. On top everything else (most of the time) is a long, dark green hooded cloak. A pair of silver rimmed prince nez glasses are either seen on her face or hanging on her shirt.

Mother // Constance
Father // Elias
Step Father // TBC
Elder Brothers // Newton & Cezar
Younger Brothers // Lazarus & Kornel
Cousin // Desmond
Aunt // Fiona
Uncle // Edward

Baha is the middle child of a family of seven, having two elder brothers and two younger brothers, all of the family members being Wizards of varying degrees of power. Baha, Lazarus and Kornel lived their lives in the quiet little town of Merot where their parents moved to shortly before Baha was born. As a child Baha was like all the others; energetic and always seen with a group of friends, but as she got older she chose to stay in doors more, preferring to keep her nose in the books rather than wandering about town with her siblings. Cezar believes that their mother slowly worked on Baha to keep her in doors more due to being rather overprotective of her only daughter but Baha disagrees.

Despite her cozy position at home, Baha always had a desire to go out more and see the world. She just didn’t have the confidence nor the courage to go it alone. Plus her mother would have thrown a fit if she knew, as the mere thought of her daughter venturing out into places unknown made her very uncomfortable. Most of her life Baha has harbored a secret anger with herself for never actually going out and exploring before her father died of illness and her step father came along, as her mother’s protectiveness of the family got even worse.

However, a sudden visit from her Teifling cousin changed everything. He’d requested help from her from some sort of divine mission. It was a remarkably quick decision, as Baha seized her opportunity to finally get out and see the world. Baha packed up her gear and left, leaving only a note for her family to discover when they’d noticed she’d left. The thought of the reaction to her leaving both worries and scares her and it is why she didn’t confront them personally. Either way, she can only hope that they understand why she left.

Baha Obrad

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