Meinrad Steig

A terrified messenger whose purpose seems to be only to deliver a poem to Desmond.


Meinrad hardly cuts an imposing figure. His wispy blonde hair and lean stature, coupled with his colourful clothing, stand at odds with his grim, grey surroundings. He constantly fidgets, and several times his attention seems to be caught by miniscule noises coming from around him, causing him to snap his head in that direction and stare towards the area where he imagines threats may lurk. A look of fear seems to be his dominant expression. This is a man out of his depth.

Childe Desmond to the Old Tower Came

When Baha, Desmond and Grzegorz met him in the first room of the ruins, he delivered a poem to them, entitled Childe Desmond to the Old Tower Came. Desmond kept the physical copy of the poem. The poem ran as follows:

“Child Desmond to the Old Tower came,
and Baha too, his kin;
For they had come to find acclaim
the tower held within.

The tower, though, held naught but time
And things that guard the links.
And so they faced a gruelling climb
To the pool where darkness drinks.

Eight grey lights surround the room
Where the tower sees its death.
When dark, this is the city’s tomb -
Buried, still with breath.

More than once a group has come
To undo what was done.
Though each one fought what must become,
T’was Fate that always won.

But Desmond knows a smiling man
A hand upon his shoulder.
He will go where it began;
The city may grow older.

And Baha, though a studious mage,
Snags upon three hooks
A hooded man, the sun, one page:
Wisdom not in books.

Though neither can prevent the rock
From turning into sand
Inspiring ways can hush the clock
‘Til the last hour is at hand.

They cannot stop what isn’t known;
No-one will survive.
Bauer, Obrad, themselves alone
May float home still alive.”

Meinrad Steig

Versus Aeons Diligence