Sister Agnethe

A tiefling nurse, working in the Third Well Municipal Hospital.


Sister Agnethe is a tiefling nurse working in the Third Well Municipal Hospital, and the attendant nurse for Desmond and Baha when they come to in the hospital. She informs the pair that they were brought in by a group of people who seemed to be eager for news on their recovery.

During the Game

Agnethe assisted Baha and Desmond with questions regarding their stay in the hospital. Late in the night of the Ninth Day of the Second Week of the Dry Season (the night that Baha and Desmond awoke) the hospital was attacked by the Rotkreuz, a band of zealous Ur-Tieflings. Sister Agnethe hid in one of the stalls in the hospital after rescuing a tiefling child from one of the murdered mothers in the maternity ward. The pair rescued her, and, as the baby’s mother had been killed, Sister Agnethe took the child as her own, causing her to become the Virgin Mother in the process.

Sister Agnethe

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