A human man possessing all the calmness of a stampede, he is one of the group that found and saved Baha and Desmond.


Nassheim possesses a fiery temperament, an angry disposition, and a rough demeanour. Standing in stark-contrast to his friend, he has much shorter hair, a grim expression, and even more grim clothing – whereas his companion Richter has a hooded cloak slung over one shoulder and is decorated with clothing befitting a noble, this man wears a grey shirt, black trousers, and large, black boots all under a dark robe. He looks as though he shaved with a piece of glass.

During The Game

He quizzes the pair on their involvement into the vanishing of the Lake Mist Bridge, and also answers questions regarding it. He and Richter are part of the Lake Mist Bridge Group.

As Desmond and Baha journey towards their meeting in the House of Depth, Nassheim claims that he is one of the founders of the village of Mizar, where Desmond was raised. He also hints that, during the year 510, he came to use the Lake Mist Bridge in an attempt to reclaim his lost wife, Kierah, but ended up further back in time than he anticipated. He sought out his wife’s ancestors, and fell in love with a relative of hers from centuries before who bore a striking resemblance to her. He took her back to his time, beyond this point, Desmond and Baha did not find out what – Nassheim did not finish his tale through to the end.

During the meeting with the Lake Mist Bridge group, Richter, another member of the group who had been missing that day, was found dead inside the House of Depth. Nassheim was visibly distraught by his friends’ death, moreso than the rest of the group.


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