A young human male, suave in speech and sartorical sense, and one of Desmond and Baha's rescuers.


A human man with long, brown hair, some of it covering his face. It’s evident the man takes a great deal of pride in his appearance, as his clothing is all clean, uncreased, and put together with a sense of both fashion and flair. His age could be guessed to be around mid to late twenties.

During The Game

Richter is one of the men that came to visit Desmond and Baha while they were recovering in the Third Well Municipal Hospital, alongside Nassheim. He quizzes the pair on their involvement into the vanishing of the Lake Mist Bridge with far more tact than his partner, and also answers questions regarding it. From what the pair can surmise, he and Nassheim are part of some group involved with the Lake Mist Bridge.

When Nassheim came to find Baha and Desmond after their ordeal at the Third Well Municipal Hospital, he informed them that Richter was missing; during the meeting in the House of Depth, his body was discovered, decayed and mangled, despite the fact that Baha and Desmond had seen him alive not even twenty-four hours before.


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