Dr. Blind

A strange doctor who assisted Desmond and Baha when the Third Well Municipal Hospital was under attack.


This man looks impressive even at his worst – he stands at six feet, four inches in height, and his clothing betrays a love of flair not common in surgeons. Most impressive, however, are his eyes, which seem to consist of orbs of solid white matter. Ordinarily, this could be assumed to be due to a rather strange form of blindness – but given that his spatial awareness does not seem at all impaired, it is unlikely that blindness is the true reason for his eyes looking the way they are.

During the Game

Dr. Blind makes his appearance when Desmond and Baha were staying overnight in the Third Well Municipal Hospital. The hospital was attacked by the Rotkreuz, a group of fanatical tieflings, and during the course of battle with them, Dr. Blind stepped into the fray, wielding a set of bonesaws and hacking members of the criminal organisation to pieces. After the hospital had been secured, he gave his utmost thanks to Desmond and Baha, letting Desmond in on a secret of his – though the loss of life had been horrendous and stood against everything he valued as a surgeon, he found the thrill of participating in battle unlike anything he had experienced before, and thanked him.

Dr. Blind

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