A tiefling with deathly-pale skin, tattooed with mysterious blue sigils. He carries an air of mystery.


This tiefling’s skin is much, much paler than the average tiefling’s – in fact, were it not for the lustrous dark-blue orbs of his eyes, it could be assumed that he is albino. Upon his skin lie numerous blue spiral-shaped tattoos that seem to glimmer in the light.

During the Game

Danelohexter is a member of the Lake Mist Bridge Group, who have pledged to help Desmond and Baha in their quest to save Verstectimel from its doom. Danelohexeter claims that he is a religious scholar.

When the group are assigned roles, Danelohexeter opts to study the poem that Desmond was given by Meinrad Steig, and to research Desmond’s visions to find any correlating accounts in other places.


Versus Aeons Diligence