Freiherr von Dagonhart


A middle-aged man with a receding hairline and deep lines etched into his forehead from decades of frowning, he is dressed impeccably, wearing clothing that befit a noble.

During the Game

Freiherr von Dagonhart is a member of the Lake Mist Bridge Group that Desmond and Baha met in the House of Depth. He comes across as being haughty and arrogant, but nonetheless wishes to make sure that Verstectimel is kept safe. He has some times to the nobility of the city.

When the group are all assigned roles, he takes it upon himself to see if Desmond and Baha can gain the audience of one of the members of the royal family—either Duchess Ersaugen Tocht, or her step-son, Halhaft Tocht.

Freiherr von Dagonhart

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