Desmond Bauer

A young tiefling who grew up in a rural villiage, he suddenly finds himself the instrument of an ancient and mysterious deity.


Current Stats
37 HP / 5 HS / 3,465 XP / 4 AP / 359 Gold

Class: Invoker
Deity: Ta’lab
Alignment: Currently Undefined
Languages Known: Common, Brusich, Supernal

10 STR (+0)
16 CON (+3)
10 DEX (+0)
14 INT (+2)
16 WIS (+3)
12 CHA (+1)

16 AC
14 REF
Resistances: Fire 6; Psychic 5

39 HP
9 HS (9HP)

Prof +2; Dam 2d4
Sickle and Magic Rod
Prof +2; Dam 1d6
For powers with Implement keyword:
Enhancement +1 to Prof and Dam
+1d6 damage for critical hits

Armor & Other Equipment
Armor: Regular Hide
Hand Slot: Hedge Wizard’s Gloves
Other Equipment:
Reading Spectacles (Read any language)
Arcanist’s Glasses (+3 Arcana when checking for magical objects)
Floating Lantern
Ritual Components (100gp worth of Arcana; 20gp worth of Religion)

Toughness (+5 HP per tier)
Divine Servitor

Acrobatics 0
Arcana 10
Athletics 0
Bluff 4
Diplomacy 2
Dungeoneering 4
Endurance 3
Heal 4
History 3
Insight 9
Intimidate 7
Nature 4
Perception 4
Religion 10
Stealth 2
Streetwise 2
Thievery 0

Magic Mouth

Dissonance (Avenging Light)
Phantom Wave (Sun Strike)
Mage Hand
Infernal Wrath
Armor of Wrath
Thunder of Doom (Thunder of Judgment)
Knives of the Soul
Shatter Step
Summon Nightmare Angel (Summon Angel of Fire)

*Parentheses denote the previous name of a power, before it was customized.

Vardøgr Servitor
Speed 6
Constant Benefits
• +2 to Arcana and Religion checks
• Desmond can read and speak Supernal
• Resist 5 psychic
Active Benefits
• Once per encounter, Desmond can use his servitor’s space as the origin square for a burst, blast or ranged divine attack power, provided that the servitor is within range of the attack itself.


Physical Appearance
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Skin: Olive Skin Tone
Hair: Unkempt; Dark Brown; Short Length
Eyes: Green (Human-appearing with definitive iris and pupil; not solid)
Height: 5’10” (Approx)
Build: Lean; Some muscle
Dress: Plain trousers and white shirt underneath maroon tunic; leather boots; hide armor worn over torso, trousers, and arms; ash-colored lightweight traveling cloak with hood worn over armor
Racial Traits: Ridged scimitar-shaped horns mounted on the top of the forehead pointing back and downward as well as a thick non-prehensile tail

Desmond Bauer was born to two tiefling parents, Edward and Fiona. His father was a wizard and a scholar. His mother, a schoolteacher who enjoyed gardening in her spare time. He grew up in the small rural village of Mizar where he was surrounded by a close-knit community. The Bauers were the only non-human family to take up residency there, yet Desmond grew up in a very inclusive environment, as their surrounding neighbors had known Edward and Fiona for years and come to treat them as their own. Throughout his childhood and adolescence, Desmond fantasized about doing something important in the world, and about being someone important. As he neared adulthood though, he pushed his dreams aside in an attempt to take a more practical approach to his future.

However, one day, when Desmond was nineteen years old, he came into contact with something far beyond the realm of his sheltered life experience. He received a vision from a deity who revealed himself to Desmond as Ta’lab, and charged him with a divine mission, a mission that Desmond knows very little about. Ever since his revelation, Desmond has discovered that he now possesses bizarre powers. Enlisting the aid of his human cousin Baha Obrad, Desmond set out to accomplish his divine task, hoping to find some adventure along the way as well.

Desmond is usually courteous towards other individuals, though he is not quick to put his faith in people he doesn’t know well. He is a curious Tiefling, and his desire to discover things or information sometimes leads to him taking greater risks than what is normal. Combined with his lack of patience and tendency to sometimes dismiss potential threats, Desmond has the potential to act quite recklessly, though this does not mean that he usually does. He mostly attempts to approach problems and relationships from a practical point of view, but like any other individual, emotional stress can easily compromise this personal standard. With regards to the world around him, he is fairly observant, particularly since most people, places, and things outside of his home village are still new and hold some novelty to him.

Custom Power Descriptions
At Will:
  • Dissonance
    Desmond turns his enemy’s mind against them, which manifests as physical wounds upon their body. If his allies are in danger, their pain increases.
  • Phantom Wave
    Desmond sends a wave of psychic energy crashing into his foe, causing them physical harm and pushing them in an adjacent direction.
  • Thunder of Doom
    Desmond’s eyes mist over and he chants words in an unknown language. His words cut through the air around him like thunder, battering his target and rendering them senseless.
  • Shatter Step
    Desmond appears to shatter like glass into thousands of pieces and reforms some distance away as the pieces are drawn back together towards a central point.
  • Summon Nightmare Angel
    Desmond summons a shadowy amorphous being clad in ancient-looking armor with bizarre and unfamiliar runes etched into the metal, including a single giant eye on the front of its helm. Glyph-like shapes appear in the air behind the creature’s back coming together in the shape of crude wings and its limbs shift from one form into another, often in the shape of sinister looking weapons.

Desmond Bauer

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