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  • Desmond Bauer

    *Physical Appearance*
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Skin: Olive Skin Tone
    Hair: Unkempt; Dark Brown; Short Length
    Eyes: Green (Human-appearing with definitive iris and pupil; not solid)
    Height: 5'10" (Approx)
    Build: Lean; Some …

  • Sister Agnethe

    Sister Agnethe is a tiefling nurse working in the Third Well Municipal Hospital, and the attendant nurse for Desmond and Baha when they come to in the hospital. She informs the pair that they were brought in by a group of people who seemed to be eager for …

  • Danelohexeter

    This tiefling's skin is much, much paler than the average tiefling's - in fact, were it not for the lustrous dark-blue orbs of his eyes, it could be assumed that he is albino. Upon his skin lie numerous blue spiral-shaped tattoos that seem to glimmer in …