Desmond Bauer's Journal

Entry 1

I made it to Merot yesterday and I’m staying with my aunt and uncle until Baha and I set out tomorrow. It was strange to see them all without my parents. We usually see the Obrads once or twice a year, and it felt odd to visit them merely to speak with my cousin Baha. In fact, yesterday was the first time she and I had ever talked one-on-one for an extended period of time that I can recall.

Breaching the topic of my vision was a difficult one, but it had to be done. I told her how it happened. I told her about the ruins and the zoetrope and the people in it. I didn’t tell her that she was one of them. I didn’t tell her about how I saw myself. It’s not that I wish to keep her ignorant, but my goal was to make her want to come along, and I wanted to refrain from anything that could potentially turn her away from the idea. I think she may have been skeptical at first, but I told her about how afterwords I was able to use powers I previously lacked, even showing her just to prove my point. I explained that I had come into contact with a deity named Ta’lab, but I was unable to explain much more about him to her. I told her that hopefully by finding these ruins that we could begin to make sense of my vision, as well as of what it is that Ta’lab wants me to do.

Just as I had hoped, the prospect of exploration and adventure was enough for her to accept my offer. I feel that because she was in my vision that she is a necessary part of what is to come. I just hope she doesn’t come to resent me for it. Whatever the case, she’s in it now, and turning back may not be possible, for either of us.

On a more personal note, I already miss home a little. I liked the familiarity of it all. I liked feeling that I had a place to belong, but I don’t know that it would be enough for me. My life seemed purposeless before, and now I have one. I miss my parents the most, though. It’s strange to not have them around. I hope they’re alright. How ironic. I’m the one possibly walking into danger, yet I’m more concerned about their well-being than my own. I imagine the house is quieter without me there, but thankfully my parents have their own hobbies to keep themselves occupied, as well as having one another.

Tomorrow Baha and I are to set out for what I suspect are the ruins from my vision. A man by the name of… Grzegorz, I believe it is, is to take us there. Finding him seemed to be a stroke of luck, good luck, I should hope. I’m apprehensive about how tomorrow will go. I have no idea what to expect, but hopefully whatever transpires will make my mission more clear. I don’t know that I’ll get a lot of sleep tonight.

Desmond Bauer's Journal

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