House of Depth

The House of Depth seems to be an exercise in paradoxical aesthetics. The style of its architecture is an eclectic mix of no-frills square blocks as basic forms, alongside ornate, even avant-garde decor – the outer walls sprout large orange sail-like decorations that jut out at odd angles, making the whole building seem like a construct fashioned entirely by stone rafts. The windows are simply-cut square apertures, fitted with bright stained glass that depicts abstract images. The entire building seems to sit in a large junction of several sewer-like passages.

The House of Depth is the meeting place of the Lake Mist Bridge Group, situated in the sewer-system and waterways of the city of Verstectimel underneath the First Ward.

During the Game

Desmond and Baha find their way to the House of Depth after being led there by Nassheim, a member of the group. To get there, he leads the pair into an elevator inside Verstectimel’s central lift shaft, and they use the lift to descend from the Third Ward, past even the First Ward, and further down into the very base of the city, where the water system and sewers are. The quickest way to find the House is to follow the path that runs to the left of the main waterway and avoid the sewer systems. Before long, the pair found themselves in front of the House, which was surrounded by Sahuagin demanding answers from a member of the Lake Mist Bridge Group. Desmond and Baha got in without much trouble, and attended the meeting of the Lake Mist Bridge group. During the course of their meeting, Richter’s body was discovered inside his room in the House.

House of Depth

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