Sehen Lake

Sehen Lake is a massive expanse of water that houses the Sehen Lake Ruins, a well-known but long unexplored complex.

Geography and Climate

The lake is located in the Sehen Basin, a section of low-lying land that includes the lake, the Sehen plains, a large number of rural villages (the nearest being Hildehn and Mizar) and larger trade towns such as Tochtfell, Merot and Colbrechen.

The lake possesses a strong humidity, and, being in a mostly sheltered area, is not subject to strong winds. As such, flash mist – dense patches of mist suddenly forming in the area – is very common.


The lake is well-known for the sparsity of its marine life, and is not a popular destination with fishermen looking to catch fish for market. Rumours of big fish residing in the lake- such as the reputed “Sehen Kolafish” – are passed between sport fishermen, who occasionally come to the lake for competitive fishing during the misty season.

Sehen Lake Ruins

The Sehen Lake Ruins are located at the opposite side of the lake from the dock, just visible against the backdrop of the Sehen Range, a series of large hills that form a line behind the ruin.

The area is thought by the layfolk of nearby towns to be cursed or haunted. There are folk tales abound of the ruins disappearing into mist as boat-bound travellers try to get to them, and more than once has a group of would-be explorers disappeared after venturing there.

The ruins themselves appear to be a pair of stone walls, arranged as concentric circles, which may indicate the ruins being a former castle, as one ring could function as the castle’s outer wall, and the other as the main keep. Deterioration over time has led to these walls collapsing and falling in, and the circular shape of the walls is only determinable by extrapolation.

Sehen Lake Illustrations

Sehen Lake

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